Video Monitoring Offers Safety & Security

Rapid Deployment Video Systems are commonly used to provide temporary video surveillance at high crime locations, monitor highly populated public events, or to extend the coverage of an existing video surveillance area. Rapid deployment video systems can be mounted on site towers, such as a light pole. They can also be placed on a vehicle or trailer to provide wireless surveillance solutions.

Rapid deployment video systems have been successfully applied by a variety of agencies and private businesses, such as government municipalities, police departments, public transportation, construction sites, universities and live events. These video systems have the potential to proactively prevent and/or reduce crime, identify criminal or disruptive activity and enhance safety and security. Numerous studies have shown that when criminal activity is identified and addressed in a timely manner, it can greatly improve the quality of a neighborhood or community.

Rapid deployment camera systems can also be used to enhance the safety and overall efficiency of businesses both large and small. Construction sites pose a great deal of risk and danger. Having the right video surveillance system can not only help protect and save lives, but help to improve worker efficiency. They can also provide valuable video evidence should a legal dispute arise.

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we have proven experience and expertise in providing Rapid Deployment Video Systems for both municipalities and commercial businesses. Our team will work with you to determine the best video system for your event.

Teksys CBX-40

The Teksys CBX-40 Rapid Deployment Video Solution is designed to be able to operate on AC or Battery Power. Each enclosure will be able to run on 1 battery for 1 day operation or 2 batteries for a 2 day deployment. Comes with 128GB SD storage capacity for stable and reliable video capturing.


Teksys CBX ONE

The Teksys CBX-ONE Rapid Deployment Video Solution is designed to operate on AC power supply. May be mounted on wall or pole. Comes with 64GB SD storage capacity for stable and reliable video capturing.

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