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A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes that are connected to a common source via a transport relay that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. These systems have the ability to greatly enhance data connection signals, which are often used for communication channels within a building or designated area. Boosting signal networks improves connectivity, which leads to a more secure and safer environment.

For example, First Responders must be able to maintain communications throughout a property in an emergency situation. Whether they are responding to a fire, medical emergency or domestic threat, they cannot be in a situation where their radios stop working. It is essential that their communication devices continue to transmit a stable and reliable signal, especially in hard-to-reach areas, such as stairwells, elevators, basements and thick-walled or shielded areas. Newly-built LEED-certified buildings with low-E glass often suffer from poor public-safety signal coverage due to signal attenuation caused by low-E glass.

Having poor or no mobile communication signals inside a building can be more than just inconvenient for employees and visitors of a facility. It can potentially result in dangerous or life-threatening security and safety issues. Poor signal connectivity can disrupt the first responders and public safety officers’ efforts during an emergency.

Currently, many jurisdictions require commercial buildings and municipalities to comply with NFPA or IFC regulations in order to grant the building an occupancy permit. Poor mobile/Public Safety communications are more common in structures like:

  • Hospitals
  • Stairways
  • Basements
  • Midsize to Large buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Hilly areas
  • Tunnels

You may be wondering if your current building or facility meets these coverage requirements. Coverage generally must be tested according to a “20 grid” or “40 grid” process. In grid testing, each floor of a building is split into 20 or 40 sections, and each section is tested using a public safety radio to ensure that there is connectivity and that the signal meets minimum downlink and uplink requirements.

We Offer Free Public Safety Grid Tests*

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we value the safety and security of our clients and customers. Our goal is to ensure that your building meets the necessary compliance requirements for connectivity. This is why we offer Free Public Safety Grid Tests to determine what DAS solutions work best for you.

*Grid Test Reports that are to be submitted to your local Public Safety Authority will be charged depending of the complexity of the facility.

The Solution

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution eliminate dead coverage zones and poor reception areas by using outdoor antennas, bi-directional amplifiers, cabling and a group of strategically installed indoor antennas used to redistribute the signal of two-way radios and commercial carriers inside a building.

A Public Safety DAS solution ensures that a facility is NPFA or IFC compliant providing dependable mobile communication coverage for first responders when it’s most needed. Having reliable coverage will increase the satisfaction of employees and visitors of the facility.


Public Safety DAS

After contacting us, we will coordinate a visit to the location to conduct a site survey. With this information, we will generate a report that will let you know if your building meets the minimum requirement set by your local authorities. In case the structure does not comply, we can design and implement a solution that will meet the public safety communication standards to help you get the certificate of occupancy.

Montgomery County, TX

After March 2018, all new buildings on Montgomery County, TX needs to comply with IFC 510, 2012 standards.

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we have the technology and the experience to enhance connectivity and ensure that your building or facility meets the latest state compliance requirements.


We Can Help Get Your CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY approved!

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New regulations require In-building wireless coverage to meet NFPA or IFC standards for public safety communications. These new regulations have been deployed to guarantee life-saving communications for emergency responders in 99% of “Critical Areas” and 90% in other areas.

What We Offer

  • Detailed Site Survey to evaluate your facilities existing RF coverage measuring signal strength in all areas & Compliance Report.
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) design for facilities that don’t meet the minimum requirements set by the pertinent public safety entity.
  • Installation & Commissioning of DAS.
    Yearly Maintenance & Performance Reports.
  • Project financing available.

Who We Are

We at Teksys Inc., aspire to be the leading provider of Security, Accessibility and Connectivity Solutions that enable enterprises, health facilities, schools, property management, utilities, police departments and communities to maximize their resources and deliver complete solutions that will improve public safety.

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