How the City of Houston is Building Disaster Resilience with Video Technology

David Madrigal and Jason Tyre present their views on Video Technology and Disaster Resilience for big cities and our city of Houston in particular.  

David and Jason discuss the need to consider the safety and security of our cities as more and more people are moving to the cities each year.  In the article we learn about how Teksys helped design and test a rapidly deployable, fully integrated supplemental Video Management Software (VMS) System at Discovery Green and was integrated with the already existing system at the George R Brown Convention Center, for the 10-day Super Bowl event held in Houston.  

Click the link to learn more about how Teksys worked with Homeland Security, local law enforcement, and other agencies to keep the city safe and ready for any unforeseen event and then turned that into the innovative, “Houston Living Lab, and what it means for Houstonians and any other cities that want to deploy similar technology to ensure the safety and security of their citizens, now and in the future.”

Teksys is proud to be a partner with Milestone Systems and to be working together at The Houston Living Lab

The Houston Living Lab is a collaborative effort hosted at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX, that leverages big data and evolving technologies to deliver capabilities to public safety professionals. The Lab operates with many donations by technology partners, including Teksys and Milestone Systems. The partners helps city entities test solutions until they are proven and allows technology companies to validate their technology in an active environment. Acting as a research and development site that offers live public safety technology used during real world events, the City of Houston was able to effectively test the latest technologies for future deployment or share best practices with private security professionals within the Houston area.

Teksys Featured in the Security Today Magazine - Going Beyond Security

In a time when so many companies are struggling, Teksys is thriving. The Houston-based data communications and security services company has seen significant growth in the past few years, thanks in part to its innovative products and cutting-edge technology. But Teksys' success doesn't stop there: the company is also known for its stellar customer service and commitment to its employees. Its incredible team spirit and focuses on innovation have led Teksys to become one of the most successful companies in Houston.


Security Today

Going Beyond Security

Houston takes steps to improve quality of life, public safety

  • By Monique Merhige
  • Mar 01, 2022
Read the full article below:

Going Beyond Security

Houston takes steps to improve quality of life, public safety


Install Fiber Optic Cable Anywhere with Teksys


Reduce Costs up to 90% and Install in Hours

We recently demonstrated a revolutionary new technology to install fiber optic cable anywhere – without trenching. This new system allows our customers to dramatically reduce the time and cost of delivering high-speed internet to virtually any location.

This fiber optic cabling system, FiberTRAX, delivers broadband connectivity to hard-to-reach areas, quickly and at a lower cost. Teksys is one of only three companies selected nationwide to install FiberTRAX and is the only TRAXyL Certified Partner in Texas and the Southwestern United States.

Teksys recently installed the FiberTRAX cabling system at a major sports venue in Houston. Using a TRAXtor, TRAXyL’s automated, fiber-painting equipment, we laid about 80 feet of fiber optic cable from a head-end enclosure box to a high-quality security camera in a parking entry booth. The cable was buried under a patch of grass before it was installed on a concrete curb and concrete. The project took less than five hours to complete and caused no disruption to incoming or outgoing traffic from the venue. The camera was quickly activated, giving the venue’s security team high-definition video of cars and trucks exiting the parking lot.

 As Easy as Painting on the Road

“Think of it as painting the fiber optic cabling on the road,” Teksys owner David Madrigal said. “Customers can complete projects in hours or days instead of months at a substantially lower cost. This is perfect technology to use in a sports venue because it eliminates the need for disruptive and expensive trenching. In less than a day, and with minimal disruption, we can give customers the connectivity they need to more efficiently run operations.”

This patented Minimally Disruptive Installation process “paints” optical fiber directly onto paved surfaces, bonding and sealing it in durable protective coatings. This eliminates digging, trenching and the possibility of accidentally cutting other utilities. The process is environmentally friendly and can withstand traffic within minutes of installation. FiberTRAX also simplifies permitting, easements, insurance, and inspections and repairs.

"FiberTRAX delivers affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to areas that lack access to broadband," Madrigal said. “It is ideal for event venues, industrial and business parks, warehouses, school districts, cities and hard-to-reach locations. We are already working with local municipalities and businesses to install this technology and give our customers a competitive edge.”

“Teksys is the perfect partner to install this technology because the team has the deep expertise and experience we look for and they are engineers who understand the value and benefits of this technology," said Daniel Turner, CEO of TRAXyL and FiberTRAX developer.

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