Texas DIR Co-Op Contracts Program


Teksys, Inc. in Houston is pleased to be a part of the Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts program. Our DIR contracts covers Mobile Digital Video Products and Accessories, as well as, Data Storage, Data Communications & Networking Equipment & Related Services.

State Contract Number

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Product Manufacturer      Product Category      DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
Axis Communications Surveillance/Access/Hardware 10.00%
BriefCam Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software      10.00%
Brivo Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 10.00%
Cambium Networks Wireless/Hardware 16.00%
CradlePoint Wireless/Hardware 10.00%
Digital Watchdog Surveillance/Access/Hardware 5.00%
Ditek Surveillance/Access/Hardware 15.00%
DSC Surveillance/Access/Hardware 8.00%
Eagle Eye Networks Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 10.00%
Evolon Technologies Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 7.00%
Genetec Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 22.00%
Genetec Streamvolt Surveillance/Access/Hardware 20.00%
Genetec Clearance Software/Surveillance/Access/Hardware 4.00%
Hanwha Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 20.00%
Inner Range Surveillance/Access/ Hardware/ Software 5.00%
IPConfigure Surveillance/Access/ Hardware/Software 10.00%
JCI Surveillance/Access/Hardware 10.00%
KBC Networks Surveillance/Access /Wireless/ Hardware 8.00%
Milestone Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 12.00%
Mobile Mark Wireless/Hardware 7.00%
OptConnect Wireless/Hardware 5.00%
Optex Surveillance/Hardware/Software 5.00%
Panorama Antennas Wireless/Hardware 15.00%
PowerStack Surveillance/Access /Wireless/Hardware 5.00%
PowerStack Power/Surveillance/Comm/Lease 10.00%
QOGNIFY/ONSSI Surveillance/Access/Hardware/Software 15.00%
Qolsys Surveillance/Access/Hardware 10.00%
RayTec Surveillance/Hardware 5.00%
Rekor Surveillance/Access/Hardware/ Software 5.00%
Rhombus Surveillance/Access/ Hardware/Software 5.00%
Ruckus Wireless Wireless/Hardware 32.00%
Security Door Controls (SDC) Surveillance/Access/Hardware 30.00%
Siklu Wireless/Hardware 15.00%
Teksys Surveillance/Access /Wireless/Hardware 10.00%
Teksys Surveillance Camera System/Patrol/Lease 10.00%
Tourus Access/Hardware 5.00%
TRAXyL Surveillance/Access/Hardware 7.00%
ViewZ Surveillance/Hardware 5.00%

Technical and Maintenance Services

Category      Detailed Service Description      DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
Genetec Genetec‐Professional Services 10.00%
Genetec Genetec‐Streamvault 15.00%
Ruckus WLAN Support, Software, and Maintenance    10.00%


Service Category Service Description DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
Technical Services Technical Services 15.00%
Maintenance System Network Manitenance and Support 15.00%
Services Installation, Technical Troubleshooting, Training, Project Management, System Design, RF Engineering 10.00%
Fabrication Custom Equipment Development 10.00%
FiberTRAX Platinum Maintenance & Support Maintenance and support of FiberTRAX System 16.00%
FiberTRAX Gold Maintenance & Support Maintenance and support of FiberTRAX System 16.00%
FiberTRAX Silver Maintenance & Support Maintenance and support of FiberTRAX System 16.00%

Volume Discount – Products and Services

Type of Volume by QTY     Product Category   DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
1-99 units        
100-500 units Hardware 1.00%
500+ units Hardware  1.50%
Product Manufacturer      Product Category      DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
Applied Wireless Hardware 15.25%
Beeper Technologies Hardware 10.00%
BTU Research Hardware 10.00%
Cambium Networks Hardware 20.00%
COMBA Telecom Hardware 15.00%
Mimosa Networks Hardware 5.00%
Radwin Hardware 17.00%
Sierra Wireless Hardware 9.00%
Siklu Hardware 16.00%


Service Description      Product Category      DIR Customer
Discount % off MSRP
Sierra Wireless Support Technical Services 9.00%
Teksys Services Installation, Technical
Troubleshooting, Project Management,
Design, RF Services, Training
In-Building, Maintenance
Teksys Network
Service 7.00%

Teksys, Inc. DIR Contact Information

How to Order

  • Complete Teksys Customer Agreement which include the standard terms and conditions of the DIR contract and conditions listed in the Service Agreement.
  • Generate a purchase order, made payable to Teksys Please reference to the appropriate contract number on your purchase order.
  • Email your purchase order to dir@teksys.com or fax order to Att: DIR Sales at (832) 408-6556.
  • For any questions and additional help, please contact David Madrigal at (888) 819-7741.

Contact Information

For Product Information or to place an order please contact:

David Madrigal

Reseller Vendor Contacts


Teksys, Inc. warrants and represents that all services to be provided to the Customer under this Agreement will be fully and timely performed in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with generally accepted industry standards and practices, the terms, conditions of the Agreement, and all applicable Federal, State and local laws, rules or regulations.

Order Return Policy

Returns within 15 days of purchase and with a valid sales receipt will be exchanged, refunded in cash, credited to your account or refunded.

Return & Product Exceptions

  • The expenses incurred for shipping of items to be return are at customer’s expense, unless covered under warranty.
    Cancellations may be subject to 15% restocking fee.
  • Teksys, Inc. reserves the right to limit or refuse to accept the return of merchandise at any time and for any reason.
  • Customer Agreement purchases must be returned to the same store location where originally purchased.
  • Sorry, Returns Not Available on the Following Products: Custom made products and Special Orders.

We are also Reseller for the Following Anixter Contracts:

Financing Available

Our Public Safety Solutions

Video Surveillance

Public Spaces Surveillance

School Emergency Phones

Access Control

Video Surveillance Cameras

Video Trailers

Wireless Communications

Intercom Systems

Satellite Communication Trailers

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