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Reliable Connectivity Enhances Safety & Security

Connectivity is what allows us to relay information to others. Many would agree that we are more connected now than ever before. This is largely due to rapid advancements in wireless and mobile technology. Almost every single person has access to virtually unlimited amounts of information in the palm of their hands. However, all of this would be useless without stable and reliable connection to the information itself. This is why connectivity matters so much.

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, our experienced team of technicians is committed to helping you find the right Connectivity Solutions to enhance the safety and security of your business or organization. We've provided connectivity solutions for both commercial business and government municipalities. We are committed to giving you the tools and resouces necessary to protect your family, customers, employees and assets.

Whether it's setting up wireless network cabling, installing phone signal boosters, providing mobile routers or installing a distributed antenna system (DAS), we will work to provide the highest quality in both technology and service to all of our customers and clients.

At Teksys, Inc., we offer Connectivity Solutions for:

  • Corporate Businesses
  • Police Departments
  • Security Patrol Providers
  • Public Schools and Universities
  • Government Municipalities
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Events

Who We Are

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we aspire to be the leading provider of Security, Accessibility and Connectivity Solutions that enable enterprises, health facilities, schools, property management, utilities, police departments, municipalities and communities to maximize their resources and deliver complete solutions that will improve public safety.

Gigabyte Fiber Optic Cabling Technology

Teksys Inc. provides low voltage and trenchless fiber optic network cabling solutions and installation services. Our experienced team of expert installers will perform a site survey to assessment and determine both your current and future networking requirements. We will then work with you to provide the ideal solution for your location while being mind-ful of your budget. Let us handle your network cabling needs from start to finish.

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Mobile Routers

Effective Law Enforcement and Business Security relies heavily on the importance of remaining connected when it matters most. This means that Mobile Signals must remain stable and reliable in order for valuable information to be relayed in the event of an emergency or even during a routine patrol. At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we provide the latest mobile technology solutions and services to enhance connectivity for police departments and security service entities.

Public Safety Solutions

With over 10 years of experience working for public safety entities, including some of the biggest cities in the US, we know what it takes to develop a wide variety of public safety and security solutions tailor-made for the needs of our clients. We've worked with mulitple municipalities, schools, apartment complexes, parking facilities and small to mid-sized business. Contact us today to schedule a Free Assessment.


Phone Signal Boosters

Parking garages, corporate offices and multi-story buildings often cause phones signals to weaken dramatically or lose signal altogether, which makes them virtually ineffective. This is not only inconvenient for patrons and employees, but poses a potential security threat during an emergency or life-threatening situation. At Teksys, our team of technicians have the experience and expertise to asses and determine the necessary connectivity solutions for any budget. Contact us today to schedule a Free Assessment.

Distributed Antenna Systems

At Teksys, Inc. in Houston, we value the safety and security of our clients and customers. Our goal is to ensure that your building meets the necessary compliance requirements for connectivity. This is why we offer Free Public Safety Grid Tests to determine what DAS solutions work best for you. Contact us today to schedule your Free Grid Test.


Financing Available

Our Connectivity Solutions

Public Safety DAS

Low Voltage Cabling

Cellular Signal Boosters

Fiber Optic Cabling Without Trenching

Building to Building Connectivity

Structured Cabling

Wireless Point to Point Links

In-Building DAS

In-Building WiFi

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