Fiber Optic Cabling Without Trenching


Fiber Optic cabling is typically installed through trenching along roads and pavement. This process involves using specialized machines in order to dig a trench and then laying fiber optic cabling. This method is not only costly but takes a great deal of time. Micro-trenching techniques allow for smaller trenches and takes less time to install. However, they still involve digging trenches along roads, which could potentially lead to damages along the pavement or surrounding buildings.

Teksys, Inc. in Houston, a trusted provider of security and connectivity solutions, has eliminated the need for trenching altogether by utilizing a cutting edge Fiber Optic installation method developed by TRAXyL. With this revolutionary new non-trenching method, Fiber Optic connectivity can be installed virtually anywhere.

TRAXyL's FiberTRAX is low-profile allowing fiber optic cables to be laid onto any road or hardened surface. Instead of digging trenches, the cables are covered and protected without disrupting the flow of traffic along the road or pavement.

Teksys, Inc. and TRAXyL are making high speed fiber optic data connectivity affordable and accessible to everyone. See what we can do for your business or organization.

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Benefits of FiberTRAX

Teksys, Inc. eliminates disruptive and costly Fiber Optic installation by utilizing TRAXyL's FiberTRAX installation. This results in:

  • 30-90% reduction of per foot install costs for network links
  • Project measured in hours and days not weeks and months
  • Create network redundancy and diversity of routes
  • Avoid existing and unseen underground hazards
  • Great for short distances
  • Easily extend existing networks

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Fiber Optic Cabling Without Trenching

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