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Satellite Solutions

Mobile & Fixed Satellite Systems

TOUGHTSAT XP & SP SERIES Our flagship professional satellite series’ provides Read-To-Go Systems that include High-Speed I-Direct Internet Service

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Satellite Communications Trailer

T-100 TOUGHSAT XP Self-Contained multi-purpose communications trailer. Built TOUGH for any condition

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Portable Hotspot Flyaway Case

Flyaway TOUGHSAT XP Portable Satellite Internet Hotspot. Ready-To-Go internet access and assembly in minutes.

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Fly and Drive Mobile Solution

Mobile Solution for the Flyaway TOUGHSAT XP. Mount your satellite for easy transportation.

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iDirect Satellite Network Solutions

Satellite Networking Solutions Create a new or expand an existing network to include satellite with our professional grade I-Direct systems.

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  • Network Solutions

    We design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth.

  • Technology Solutions

    Whether you’re looking for the latest advancements in wireless technology or hardware, and are ready to achieve greater growth and innovation, Teksys has the solutions that can help.

  • Energy Solutions

    The world is in transition and we have to be prepared to accommodate that change, either in the weather or the way we treat our planet going forward. We provide solutions.

Why Teksys

Many vendors offer point product solutions that only address a portion of a customer's requirements and deliver a partial solution that is not integrated with the core network.

Our Wireless Mesh Network is built on a standards-based service-oriented network foundation that offers a unique, innovative architecture allowing the network to enable next-generation applications, business processes, and profitability. This network delivers a unified, consistent set of network features that allow customers to use the existing technologies solutions invested in the wired network and to extend intelligent network features and capabilities out to mobile users across the city. Due to a tighter integration of applications with the standards-based IP network Teksys ensures a positive user experience and a consistent level of performance.

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