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Network Solutions

We help to change how the world will communicate. We design, implement, and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility, and growth.
In today’s dynamic environment, businesses and municipalities rely on communication networks as a key element of success. While applications or devices may be the focus of a new IT initiative, your network is the vehicle by which your customers and employees are able to take advantage of new functions. The ways that individuals interact, relationships form, decisions are made, work is accomplished, and goods are purchased are fundamentally changing. Your network enables collection of real-time data from applications—and increasingly, from sensors—that you depend on to make decisions about your business. Now, more than ever, your network must be high performing, continuously available, and secure in order to achieve your business objectives.

Network integration services from Teksys can help you create a network that enables your IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing business needs and emerging technologies. Teksys provides essential services such as planning, design, deployment, and ongoing monitoring and management—giving you wall-to-wall access to applications and data necessary to meet today’s business requirements.

• We provide support for pre-existing and new business models with flexible networks that can rapidly respond to change

• Our services enable you to support an increasing amount and variety of users, devices, and networks

• We help navigate and prevent network-related issues with our critical business processes
Our consultative approach helps you to navigate the available options and helps us deliver a network that contributes optimally to meeting your business goals. Our skilled professionals are focused on helping you to smooth transitions and improve service delivery. By using an approach that facilitates collaboration between your business units and IT and networking organizations, Teksys can help you derive more business value from your network.


  • Technology Solutions

    Whether you’re looking for the latest advancements in wireless technology or hardware, and are ready to achieve greater growth and innovation, Teksys has the solutions that can help.

  • Satellite Solutions

    Teksys has the sci-fi solution of your dreams with Mobile & Fixed Satellite Systems, Satellite Communications Trailers and Portable Satellite Hotspots to fully connect your business.

  • Security Solutions

    The world is in transition and we have to be prepared to accommodate that change, either in the weather or the way we treat our planet going forward. We provide solutions.

  • Energy Solutions

    The world is in transition and we have to be prepared to accommodate that change, either in the weather or the way we treat our planet going forward. We provide solutions.

Why Teksys

Many vendors offer point product solutions that only address a portion of a customer's requirements and deliver a partial solution that is not integrated with the core network.

Our Wireless Mesh Network is built on a standards-based service-oriented network foundation that offers a unique, innovative architecture allowing the network to enable next-generation applications, business processes, and profitability. This network delivers a unified, consistent set of network features that allow customers to use the existing technologies solutions invested in the wired network and to extend intelligent network features and capabilities out to mobile users across the city. Due to a tighter integration of applications with the standards-based IP network Teksys ensures a positive user experience and a consistent level of performance.

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