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Public Safety

With limited resources, governments are challenged to meet public safety and justice requirements and citizen expectations. Information technology can be the force multiplier that helps governments achieve their objectives. With the proliferation of Wi-Fi clients and the availability of numerous unlicensed bandwidth and new wireless routing protocols, it is now possible to provide Wi-Fi service over large outdoor venues using mesh networks, Teksys’ mesh networks can deliver the performance needed to support voice, video and data communications and be integrated with existing legacy systems.

Over the past decade the size, cost, and power requirements of radios has declined, enabling more radios to be included within each device acting as a mesh node. The additional radios within each node enable it to support multiple functions such as client access, backhaul service, and scanning (required for high speed handover in mobile applications). Additionally, the reduction in radio size, cost, and power has enabled the mesh nodes to become more modular—one node or device now can contain multiple radio cards or modules, allowing the nodes to be customized to handle a unique set of functions and frequency bands.

Our solutions are helping governments and local communities at all levels across the globe meet public safety and justice requirements. Public safety and justice officials obtain quicker access to intelligence when and where it’s needed. The effective use of IT provides greater transparency for agencies and citizens throughout the entire justice lifecycle, as well as improved administrative efficiencies, resulting in improved mission performance and outcomes.

Wireless Mesh Networking Solution makes it cost-effective for municipalities, businesses, and service providers to deploy high-performance city or campus-wide Wi-Fi networks that are easy to deploy, manage, secure, and scale.

The benefits of a Wireless Mesh Networking Solution include

  • Improved public safety by giving police and fire departments the ability to access and disseminate information from the field
  • Savings on network infrastructure capital equipment and operating expenses
  • Expanded economic and educational opportunities by extending Internet access to inner cities and rural communities
  • Increased employee, staff, and student productivity in campus environments by providing secure Internet access to roaming users
  • New and improved community services by providing wireless data access to public works, parks and recreation, and other field-based officials
  • Improved first responder readiness, such as giving firefighters access to blueprints online before entering burning buildings, or giving EMS workers access to life-saving medical records before treating people at the scene
  • Mobility Networks enabled devices such as network video cameras, Wi-Fi access points, RFID readers, and laptop computers maintain network connectivity while traveling at high speeds across multiple mesh networks and IP domains.


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Why Teksys

Many vendors offer point product solutions that only address a portion of a customer's requirements and deliver a partial solution that is not integrated with the core network.

Our Wireless Mesh Network is built on a standards-based service-oriented network foundation that offers a unique, innovative architecture allowing the network to enable next-generation applications, business processes, and profitability. This network delivers a unified, consistent set of network features that allow customers to use the existing technologies solutions invested in the wired network and to extend intelligent network features and capabilities out to mobile users across the city. Due to a tighter integration of applications with the standards-based IP network Teksys ensures a positive user experience and a consistent level of performance.

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