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About us

Mission Statement

Teksys, Inc. is committed to utilizing the latest advances in technology to improve public safety, communications, education, knowledge, and quality of life, while providing best-in-class customer service through wireless connections and security services.


To be a leader in technology services and solutions by providing custom, reliable technology solutions that enable and transform the way communities and businesses gather, manage, and communicate information.

Who We Are

Driven by the expanding needs of the market and advances in technology, the wireless environment’s boundaries have extended beyond digital voice to fully encompass data and video communications. These trends have already transformed our personal and professional lives to a great extent, yet even greater are the expectations of what lies ahead. We at Teksys, Inc. are responding to these expectations by continuously identifying and evaluating new, disruptive technologies in order to continue providing top of the line solutions to our customers.

Why Teksys, Inc.

Many vendors offer product solutions that only address a portion of a customer’s requirements and deliver a partial solution that is not integrated with the core network.
Our Wireless & Physical Security Network is built on a standards-based, service-oriented network foundation that offers a unique, innovative architecture, allowing the network to enable next-generation applications, business processes, and profitability. This network delivers a unified, consistent set of network features that allow customers to use the existing technologies solutions invested in the wired network and to extend intelligent network features and capabilities out to mobile users across the city. Due to a tighter integration of applications with the standards-based IP network Teksys, Inc. ensures a positive user experience and a consistent level of performance.
In addition to Teksys technical capabilities and proven track record, Teksys can also help you meet your procurement goals as we are certified as:
• MBE – Minority Business Enterprise
• DBE – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
• SBE – Small Business Enterprise
• HUB – Historically Under Utilized Business
• HUBZone
• Hire Houston First