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About us

Mission Statement

Teksys is committed to developing and utilizing the latest advances in technology to improve on public safety, communications, education, knowledge and quality of life while providing best-in- class customer support.


To be the world leader in technology services and solutions that enable and transform the way consumers, communities and businesses gather, manage, distribute, share and communicate information.

Under a unique strategy we called Driving the Next Wave of Innovation, we are aggressively developing new communications products and services along with networking capabilities that offer organizations unlimited opportunities to create business advantage by conducting business anywhere, anytime, using multiple types of devices and communications over a secured network.

Who We Are

Driven by the expanding needs of the market, the wireless environment’s boundaries have been extended beyond digital voice to fully encompass data and video communications. These trends have already transformed our professional and personal lives to a great extent, yet even greater are the expectations of what lies ahead. We are responding to these expectations at Teksys, Inc by continuously strengthening the “mobile,” “wireless,” and “personal” benefits of our communications services. Under an innovative plan we call “Innovation through Design”, we are aggressively developing new communications products for an increasingly mobile society. This includes the development of ever-closer relationships with customers to ensure the highest possible quality of our services, and products.

Teksys, Inc is supporting the worldwide spread of mobile communications by developing innovative new devices and service applications. With mobile communications playing an increasingly important role not just in the lives of individuals, but throughout society as a whole, Teksys Inc. is proud to contribute to society by developing innovative Network Solutions, Software Solutions, Technology Solutions and Alternative Energy solutions that focuses on meeting society’s current and future needs.


  • Network Solutions

    We design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth.

  • Technology Solutions

    Whether you’re looking for the latest advancements in wireless technology or hardware, and are ready to achieve greater growth and innovation, Teksys has the solutions that can help.

  • Satellite Solutions

    Teksys has the sci-fi solution of your dreams with Mobile & Fixed Satellite Systems, Satellite Communications Trailers and Portable Satellite Hotspots to fully connect your business.

  • Energy Solutions

    The world is in transition and we have to be prepared to accommodate that change, either in the weather or the way we treat our planet going forward. We provide solutions.