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Welcome to Teksys, Inc.

Driving the Next Wave of Innovation

Today, organizations expect everything in an instant.  In a world of continuous connectivity they require products, services, and information faster and more reliably than ever before. Continuous connectivity demands a network and solutions that delivers on the required resources instantly.  Keeping individuals and organizations connected with reliable integrated wireless solutions comes from extensive research and development.  Teksys, Inc. prides itself on providing best in class expertise and integrated solutions into practice, with a proven track record of success.  Teksys Inc. collaborates with clients to define a network vision and path to get their leveraging Teksys’ expertise, methodology and blueprints. Teksys has proven methodology, technology, and network services that frees customers from proprietary networking and accelerates the delivery of a flexible, secure, cost effective network with resources that instantly meet business demands.

What’s New

Teksys has expanded its service-offering to better service customer needs, wants, and expectations both now and well into the future.

We Added:

A Network Solutions Group, to deal with the design and integration of wireless communications sites for both: private carriers and public entities.

Custom Applications, specifically developed for those who have unique requirements.

An Energy Solutions Group, to meet the growing demand for secured wireless communications between land and sea by providing custom solutions, products, services and 24/7/365 support.

A Technology Solutions Group, to which will act as our research and development arm by developing high performing lower cost solutions from the desktop to mobile devices.

Our goal is to stretch the boundaries of technology with engineering prowess and thought leadership. “Making the impossible a reality.”

Technology partners

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    Network Solutions

    We design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth.
  • teksys-technology

    Technology Solutions

    Whether you’re looking for the latest advancements in wireless technology or hardware, and are ready to achieve greater growth and innovation, Teksys has the solutions that can help.
  • teksys-satellite

    Satellite Solutions

    Teksys has the sci-fi solution of your dreams with Mobile & Fixed Satellite Systems, Satellite Communications Trailers and Portable Satellite Hotspots to fully connect your business.
  • teksys-energy

    Energy Solutions

    The world is in transition and we have to be prepared to accommodate that change, either in the weather or the way we treat our planet going forward. We provide solutions.